A division of Wolves Den Gaming, where we are an ever-growing community of gamers; WDG Logistics concentrates on [ATS] American Truck Simulator. Some may call us a [VTC] Virtual Trucking Company; we are much more…  We are a gaming community that is dedicated to you, the player.

If you are looking for a “light-weight” VTC that can offer you a rich gaming community to support your other gaming needs, look no further.  We offer support for Sci-Fi, MMO, RPG, Survival, and many more type of games.

Such as:

  • American Truck Simulator
  • Star Citizen
  • Outlaws
  • War Thunder
  • Empyrion
  • And many more supported/to come

The Regs

We know, no one likes rules and regulations.  We will keep this as short as possible; please remember The Regs are here to assure equal gaming satisfaction and we do reserve the right to ask you to leave the community at any time at WDGs leader discretion pertaining to violations or conflicts to any “Regs” listed here.

  • Age minimum requirement: 21
  • Must be a member of [WDG] Wolves Den Gaming. APPLY HERE
  • Must follow all rules and regulations posted HERE by WDG
  • Must be registered on TruckersMP and have the mod installed. Sign up and Install Here. Don’t worry, it’s free!
  • Read & understand TruckersMP Rules!! This is very important as it reflects on our community.  If you do not understand a rule, please ask. We are here to help!
  • Must be registered and have TrucksBook. Sign up and Install Here, yep this one is free as well!
  • Be respectful to all WDG members and other truckers while in our discord and TruckersMP. Rude conduct, harassment, or racism will not be tolerated, PERIOD!  Violations could result in termination from WDG and all of its affiliations and divisions.
  • Experience is not necessary to join WDG Logistics, however prior to joining us on TruckersMP we will ask you to join one of our leaders for a ride-a-long or two. This is primarily geared towards helping new players, however may be requested at any time during your membership as needed.
  • Keep in mind that we may record and/or stream WDG events. As such we ask that you keep swearing to a minimum; you never know if our younger gamer friends will be watching!
  • Please have a Mic and headphones (no speakers please) while communicating in the communities’ voice channels. For group events, such as convoys, this is a requirement.
  • All of WDG Logistic events will be posted using Eastern time zone. You must be prepped and ready to haul by the posted time, meaning you must be in the city will be loading from.  A briefing of the route will be given at the posted time and dispatchers will issue loads within 15 minutes of posted event time.
  • New Drivers to WDG Logistics must complete a probation period…… We know it sucks, but is important we get to know each other! Don’t worry, it normally doesn’t last long! However, this is dependent on you and how often you participate in events and ride-a-longs.
  • We welcome all streamers!! If you would like to stream any event, you may under the following conditions:
    • You must make others in the voice channel gaming with you aware that you are streaming
    • You must promote [WDG] through-out your stream. We need more like you, help us spread the word!
    • Once you are a member or have an association with [WDG] you must also “fly” our banner either as an overlay in your stream or on your stream’s information page.

Our Rank

Just wanna get trucking?!?  No worries, we are with ya!  Before you do, it is important to understand how our structure works.

WDG has a rank structure that is adaptable to all games.  Here we will list such rank as it relates to WDG Logistics.  If you would like to learn more about WDG structure please CLICK HERE


  • President
    • VP Dispatcher
      • Dispatcher
    • VP Recruitment
      • Recruiter
    • VP Event Lead
      • Event scheduler & Organizer
    • VP Merch & Truck design
      • Merch Designer
      • Truck Designer
    • VP Funding & Fund Raising
      • Treasurer
    • VP Promotions & Relations
      • Event Promoter
      • Public Relations

Senior Trucker

      • Supervisor
      • Trucker (Badges are earned only for dispatched loads & based on Senior Trucker’s recommendation to VPs)
        • Heavy Hauler Badge
        • Long Hauler Badge
        • Fragile Hauler Badge
        • Hazardous Hauler Badge
        • Oversize Load Hauler Badge
      • Recruit (Badges are earned only for dispatched loads & based on Senior Trucker’s recommendation to VPs)
        • 1st Ride-a-long Completed Badge
        • 1st Convoy Completion Badge
        • Graduation Badge